Tuesday, July 08, 2008

TV: Lost, Season One, Round Two: My thoughts

I just had a few thoughts as I am watching the entire series of Lost from the beginning through the end of Season 4. Here are my thoughts on season one.

1) I like Sawyer a lot more this time around. In fact, I think I might be ready to jump 'ship (Jack & Kate) for Sawyer. When he finally tells Jack about meeting Christian in that bar and what he said about Jack, I just love him. Because he didn't have to tell him that. It gained him nothing. It was solely for Jack.

2) Locke's flashbacks are always so sad, but that one where Anthony practically steals his kidney is devastating, and I find myself happy for Locke that Sawyer kills him later.

3) Boone dying was sad but not AS sad this time around. It affected me much more at the original air time because it was the first death of any of our beloved 815 survivors.

4) Kate's flashbacks really do nothing for me. I don't find them all that enjoyable to watch. Charlie's, on the other hand, are still good to see.

5) I love thinking about what I know now in my head. Such as, I have said many times during the re-watch that "oh he is dead!" about Charlie. Or "hey they are brother and sister and don't even know it!" Or "why didn't Desmond hear all the banging that Locke was doing on the hatch," knowing he is down there. Or "too bad Jack completely loses it."

6) What is the significance of the black smoke that forewarns that the others are coming? We never do find out what it means, do we? I know it is not the "smoke monster" and the only thing I could come with is that it signals that the Others are camping close by in order to get to the Survivors camp. Maybe I am forgetting something.

7) Why did the smoke monster, the first time we see it, make a mechanical noise like a roller coaster climbing before the big drop?

I really like this UK Season 1 promotion. How come we don't get fun promos like this in the US?


Esther said...

I find myself getting more and more frustrating with "Lost" as the seasons go by. We keep getting new layers of mystery when the old ones haven't been solved. And it's getting much more supernatural, which isn't really a direction that interests me all that much.

I avoided watching the first couple of seasons on tv. I figured, what was the point? They were never going to get off the island because that would mean the end of the series. But I caught up with the first two seasons on DVD and got hooked. I though the first season especially was terrific. I really liked the flashbacks - they opened up the show beyond the island, making it less claustrophobic. Some of the shots were beautiful, very cinematic looking. I mean, you could almost take Jin and Sun's story, strip it out from the series and make a movie in Korean.

But I just figured we'd have more answers. I don't know if the creators had a plan from the beginning about how this would all play out or if they're just kind of winging it.

I guess I wanted more of a mystery story and it's turning into more of a science fiction tale. But I'll keep watching until the bitter end!

Linz McC said...

I know where you are coming from, and after watching the first season (the plot was so simple compared to now!), it is amusing to think of this last season and how different the show is. I try not to get too frustrated with the lack of answers (we got a lot in season 4 though, along with a whole slew of new questions). Instead, I try to enjoy the fact that, while there are tons of unanswered questions, the writers of LOST sure know how to keep me entertained in the process. I am really glad I haven't given up on it.

It is my opinion that the writers/creators are about 50/50 on planned vs. winging it. I think the general idea was laid out very early on and that there are certain major things that have been planned out all along. Then a bunch of other stuff was just added in for fun (the numbers, for example). And now that I am in the middle of Season 2, I am realizing that a large number of things from earlier episodes will probably never be addressed.

If I had to rate the seasons from fave to least fave:
2 (Only because I can't stand Ana Lucia)