Saturday, July 12, 2008

UPDATED: So You Think You Can Dance - My Thoughts

Since I guest-blogged for Vance this week (and the two before), I didn't post on my own blog my thoughts about this week's performances and elimination. To read my thoughts, check here and here.

After this week's episode, I realized that there is not one guy left that I want to see go home. I like them all. I like most of the girls too! So from here on out, this is going to be a really tough competition... But I decided to rank the remaining contestants, from my faves to least faves.

Boys first:
1) Joshua
2) Mark
3) Will
4) Twitch
5) Gev

Then girls:
1) Chelsie
Tied for 2) Courtney & Kherington
4) Katee
5) Comfort*

*With the unexpected announcement today that Jessica is out due to a knee injury, I made my update with Comfort in the Top 5 girls. Unfortunately for her, she just replaces Jessica for last place on my list.

How would you rank the final 10?


Vance said...


okay. so I wrote my list (that ill publish wed.) but itll probably switch a thousand times over.

I keep changing the order and about the only constant at this point is Jessica is last (and i still like her too)

though I know have Katee higher after this past week. Twitch and Will were higher before this week but Gev and Courtney are really gunning it up. love them, well... love them all!

Linz McC said...

Katee is certainly showing some more talent of late. But I almost always felt like she was shown up by Joshua. I am excited to see how all the dancers (the ones I like AND the ones I don't) come across with new partners.

And I agree, Gev & Courtney have become players in this game! I change my mind constantly, too, so I understand.

Emily said...

I totally agree with your rankings of the guys (Joshua, Mark, Will, Twitch, Gev). My girl rankings are a little different:
Chelsie, Katee, Kherington, Courtney, Comfort.
If Jessica were still in the competition, I think she would be my third favorite. She really grew on me the past few weeks. I go back and forth about Kherington. Sometimes she's great, sometimes she pulls a Lauren and smiles too much. And I do agree that Joshua usually outperforms Katee, so I look forward to see how she does with a new partner. Courtney is the only one that I've been blah about. Maybe because I don't know anything about her?