Friday, July 25, 2008

Movie: Charlie Bartlett

Just finished watching this with Sean, who said "Eh..." about it. However, I laughed for a good portion of the movie. While it wasn't amazing, it was pretty entertaining. There were some especially positive things to mention:

Anton Yelchin - This kid is a breath of fresh air. He is a geeky, skinny, weird-looking guy that is a very capable actor. His drama audition is hysterical, along with his (fake) piano playing, but he is also able to emote very well, especially on the level of a kid who is just trying to get by and make friends. He first caught my eye in Alpha Dog and I look forward to seeing what he brings to Terminator: Salvation, a completely different genre for him.

Robert Downey, Jr. - How can a person not love him? He is a hot commodity in Hollywood these days, but I have an appreciation for his ability to have come out of a really hard time of his life and make it big again. Plus, he is an incredible actor. I mean, did you see Zodiac?

I found myself cracking up when stuff wasn't even really supposed to be funny. Just the idea of this kid amused me, even though you knew there was a sad depth to him. Here is the trailer, since I didn't even try to explain what this one is about. Sorry! I have a tiny headache...

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Stella Louise said...

I'm also in the "eh" camp on this one. You're right--Anton Yelchin was amazing in Alpha Dog (a completely underrated movie...), but here, not so much. To me he appeared to be trying to channel Matthew Broderick's Ferris Bueller. In fact, the whole movie was a tired rehash and retread of far better films like Ferris Bueller's Day Off or Rushmore or Igby Goes Down, etc.