Thursday, July 17, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 10 Results Show

Tonight is the first episode where America sends home a dancer, instead of the judges. You know the judges are terrified that our votes will send Will or Twitch home...

After the popularity of last week's Bollywood routine, the group gets to do one this week to open the show. I am glad to see this as a group dance because I think of the huge groups of people dancing in the streets in Bollywood movies and it makes me happy.

And congrats to the choreographers nominated for an Emmy this morning (Shane, Wade, and Mandy).

The top 5 girls get to perform a contemporary routine by Mia Michaels. I can't help but to think they have added these dances in for use during the tour. This routine was really pretty, and I liked how they used the edge of the stage, kind of like this routine last year. Love the song with this.

The bottom 2 girls are:

Up next, the top 5 guys have a routine by a mystery choreographer. Who could it be? Well, the routine was fun; the music was funner... The mystery choreographer turned out to be Nigel! It was good. I had fun.

The bottom 2 boys are:

Up next were the solos, and had they been dancing for their lives, I think Kherington & Gev would have been saved (but it is a tough call). However, the judges are deciding who is eliminated.

So now, the eliminated contestants:
Kherington (Ouch! But only sort of a shocker since I read a few people thought she might get ousted tonight)
Gev (Seeing any of the boys going home at this point is really disappointing. But Gev has gotten to be one of my faves this season! Can't wait to see him on the tour...)

In other news... I'm currently trying to decide if it is sadder that I am THIS excited to have tickets to the performance screening for So You Think You Can Dance on Monday, or that I that I feel so sorry for myself that I don't have anyone to go with. Sean was going to go with me (even though it wouldn't be his cup of tea), but unfortunately we have to show up at 3:30 in the afternoon... I'm working on it. I owe it to my 10 readers!


Hollie Nell said...

Nice to find someone else as excited as I am about SYTYCD. I really liked Kherrington(?) but I'm rooting for Katie or Twitch. I really like them both.

Linz McC said...

Katee has really been growing on me. I didn't love her at first but she has proved her stuff! I was disappointed that Kherington went home before comfort was re-eliminated...

Hollie Nell said...

Thanks for checking out my blog. I'm from Texas too! And if you ever have an extra ticket to SYTYCD, I'd love to go. I'm sure it'd kill some of hte magic but it'd be cool to see some of those numbers in person and whether Mary is actually as annoying in person as she is on TV.