Wednesday, July 30, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 6 Perform

Tonight's episode shouldn't be so hard to blog about, now that we are down to only 6 contestants. The show is only one hour tonight, so hopefully we can really focus, and keep the deserving contestants around for the grand finale(but who are the deserving??)!

Cat is looking sparkly tonight, with shower loofahs that seem to have gotten stuck on the back of her shoes. The guest judge tonight is Adam Shankman.

Courtney & Mark -
Viennese Waltz (Jason Gilkison)
Was I wrong that the choreographer said this is NOT a sexy dance? Maybe I misheard that, because I thought Mark & Courtney were really vamping up the tension. I am always a bit bored with Viennese Waltz, but this was pretty good. I thought it was pretty. Mainly, I just like their outfits.

Jazz (Sonya Tayek)
This one was described burlesque, raw and dark. This was good for Mark's kooky personality. The routine was just what I expected from the two of them and Sonya. I liked it a lot. I loved the heavy beat of the song and the way the routine worked so well with it.

Katee & Joshua -
Contemporary (Tyce Diorio)
Tyce should stick with these contemporary pieces. I like them so much better than his Broadway. This was really good. And I was reminded why these two dancers have never been in the bottom. It was great to see them back together. So intense and so emotional (and I love Celine...). And it is so unfair how much more they can do because of Joshua's strength.

Paso Doble (Jason Gilkison)
I love the intensity and attitude of the Paso Doble. Even better that Joshua has no shirt on at all. Goodness gracious, these boys... I liked the music at the start until the beat sped up. It didn't seem like Paso Doble music. But I loved routine. They were great! When these two are paired up they are exponentially better than they are individually (and that is saying a lot).

Chelsie & Twitch -
Mambo (Tony Meredith & Melanie La Patin)
Chelsie looked smokin' in her red outfit. I am guessing that Twitch's footwork wasn't all that great. Of course, the best way to distract from your footwork is to have someone like Chelsie who i snailing the steps. I have complete faith in her work technically.

Hip Hop (Tabitha & Napoleon)
I liked the costumes and the goofy style of the hip hop. I thought Chelsie was really good because this didn't require the hard hitting/attitude-y hip hop moves that some of the routines often require. Twitch was fun as well.


Chelsie - I can't look away from her legs during her solos. Again, a little bored with the same old ballroom dancer solos, but she certainly spiced it up.
Twitch - He certainly know show to entertain during his solos. Those gold teeth were somethin' else.
Katee - Katee has consistently proven that she deserves to be in this competition I prefer her more emotional solos and this one seemed to peppy, but it was still good.
Joshua - Sigh... I love him. I imagine he is quite the crowd-pleaser in da club.
Courtney - Her solos have really been the reason that Courtney has grown on me so much. She is much better than I originally would have given her credit for.
Mark - His has such a strange dance style, I can't help but give him credit for being so original.

With Cat's willingness to put on gold rimmed glasses and slobbery gold teeth, I am reminded once again what a travesty it is that Cat was not nominated for an Emmy, and therefore will not be co-hosting the Emmy's this year. America doesn't know what it is missing.

I was going to rate the final 6 dancers after tonight, but I just can't do it. It is too hard. My favorite one is probably Joshua, but I can't say after that.

I don't think I have a least favorite performance, but my favorite routine was:
Katee & Joshua's Contemporary (with their Paso Doble in a close second!)

My guess for who is going home:

Can't they all just win? I am really impressed with this season's top 6 dancers!

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