Wednesday, July 16, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 10 Performance Show

I am excited to see the dancers paired up with different partners this week. Let's see what they got. Also, they are performing solos of their own styles. The guest judge this week is krumper, Lil' C. The dancers will perform two choreographed routines and a solo.

First off, let me apologize for my rushed comments and my scattered thoughts. I started the show late tonight, so I am actually watching the second half of the show first, and then going back to watch the beginning. These thoughts are just written out in order of the performances on the show. Here are my thoughts:

Courtney & Joshua - Hip Hop by Dave Scott - I loved the Bride of Frankenstein theme. I think Courtney is the most ghetto of all the girls left (minus Comfort). She was better than I expected. No, she didn't hit some of the moves as hard as she needed to, but it was pretty good. Josh sure knows how to carry a dance with his moves and personality. I loved this choreography. So fun.

Chelsie - It is always so hard for a ballroom dancer to show off their skills when performing a solo. They always do the same dance. She was fine but nothing amazing. Good thing she has two partner dances tonight to show off what she can do.

Kherington & Mark - Two-Step with Ronnie & Brandy - This has to be a first! A pregnant (very!) choreographer. It is fun to see new dance styles on the show. Their tricks were fancy and fun. The dance was not at the speed that a real two-step would be. There were some noticeable missed steps and turns. I thought Mark was better than Kherington. I wasn't crazy about it.

Gev - I have loved his sols so far. He knows how to entertain and not just enjoy dancing. He took his shirt off! He didn't disappoint...

Comfort & Twitch - Smooth Waltz with Hunter Johnson - Just hearing they are doing smooth waltz spells disaster for these two. I think the best part of this routine was the use of the Journey song "Open Arms." I wasn't feeling their chemistry. That has been Comfort's problem from the start. The lift was SO high, but shaky.

Courtney - She has really grown on me and her solo was really good. She is brimming with personality all the time. I used to not like her at all.

Katee & Will - Broadway by Tyce Diorio - I liked this routine, and enjoyed the use of the boat. I thought Will and Katee were both great and portrayed their characters well, while having some fun dancing (well). Not sure why Will ripped open his short but he has a great body, so it's all OK.

Mark - His solo was fun to watch, and he shows loads of personality. Not sure how amazing he is technically, but being the only contemporary dancer left, he certainly has not competition (from a contemporary point of view).

Chelsie & Gev - Contemporary with Sonya Tayek - Chelsie can barely do any wrong fr me. I love her and she brings so much passion to her dances. Gev has really grown on me the last few weeks and he was pretty good here, better than I expected. These two were good together.

Comfort - Her solo was full of energy and you could tell she was really dancing with the knowledge that she got a second chance this week. However, I would be surprised if she didn't go home this week. People were okay with her going home.

Twitch - I want to like his solos more than I do. They are fun but not so original. I do think he has tons of personality.

Courtney & Joshua - Rumba by Jean Marc Genereaux - i am sure the judges will be all over them (or at least Joshua) for technique, but they were so committed to the feel of the dance that I didn't mind any lack of technique. They have good chemistry, as well None of the boys seem to have a problem having chemistry with Courtney. Impressive lift at the end.

Katee - I don't think we have seen her solo and I really enjoyed it. She is very passionate and it is good to be reminded of how these dancers got here.

Kherington & Mark - Jazz by Tyce Diorio - I liked this and it just looked fun. It was saucy and snazzy. Mark looked like he was in his comfort zone here. I miss him with Chelsie... I did think that the judges were a little harsh on them. Don't his complaints kind of sounds like they are choreography problems?

Will - I didn't feel like he used his time all that well. The first 10 seconds or so were boring and he barely moved. His jumps and tricks are always beautiful to watch.

Comfort & Twitch - Hip Hop with Dave Scott - My expectations are high with these two doing hip hop. I enjoyed this a lot and thought comfort worked well with Twitch. They both have the perfect personality for such a dance. Of course, Twitch shined in this more than Comfort. I really liked this.

Kherington - Her solo is fine but doesn't blow me away. It is cutesy. Other female solos have been more enjoyable for me.

Katee & Will - Pas de Deux with Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden - I am glad Will is doing this one because he is the most technically trained of all the dancers. And this looks hard. I bet he is amazing as a partner. While probably not my favorite dance style, I thought this was really pretty. They both seemed very invested in it and pulled it off beautifully.

Joshua - So glad to see his solo! I love his style and he is really fun to watch. He has fun tricks, too. And he is sassy, which I love.

Chelsie & Gev - Jive with Jean-Marc Genereaux - This dance was high energy and fun. Gev reminded me of Benji a little (without all the face pulls, thank goodness). The speed of it made it look hard. Gev has come a long way for me and I enjoyed his routine, once again. As usual, I loved Chelsie.

Favorite routines:
Katee & Will's Broadway
Katee & Will's Pas de Deux
Comfort & Twitch's Hip Hop

Least favorite routines:
Kherington & Mark's Two-Step
Comfort & Twitch's Smooth Waltz

Favorite solos:
Gev, Joshua

Least favorite solo:

My guess for who is going home:
I don't want to say goodbye to any of the boys! But if I have to, Twitch??

Tomorrow's results show is going to be painful... For videos of tonight's performances, check out Vance's post.

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Emily said...

I see that two of your favorite performances included Katee. Is she starting to grow on you now, or did you choose those dances more because of Will? Although I've always liked her, I think I have underestimated Katee. She proved this week that she can hold her own - even with such a technically strong dancer as Will. I will be cheering hard for her from this point on if she can keep up this level of performance quality.