Thursday, July 24, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 8 Results

A couple of quick notes on tonight's episode. I didn't like how the bottom 4 were announced. It was unfair that Courtney was just sitting backstage when she found out she was in the bottom 2.

Also, I really didn't think Twitch would be bottom 2. I thought it would be Will & Mark. I was shocked Mark was safe, but good for him. In the meantime, I just felt awful for Twitch when he reacted the way he did to being in the bottom 2.

I loved the special guest dancers doing the pas de deux. Also glad they have added that to the dance roster. Too bad none of our ballet dancers (only 2?) have gotten the chance to do that in a performance.

After FF'ing the LL Cool J performance (sorry, LL), the results are in:

Comfort & Will are going home.

And I love that Gavin Rossdale song. So good!


PeasPpl said...

What Gavin Rossdale song?

Linz McC said...

It was the goodbye song played during Will's video. It is Love Remains the Same. Click here to hear it.

Unknown said...

I still can't believe that Will got the boot and Mark stayed. Mark is never consistent. I wonder why Will didn't connect to the viewers. I loved Will and he was my pick to be the winner (besides Katie). So bummed. Guess I'll be rooting for Twitch or Josh.