Thursday, April 24, 2008

Song of the Week

This week I am picking a song I downloaded a few years ago onto Sean's computer and haven't seen it for a long while. I added it back to my ipod a few weeks back and have had it in my "Good songs right now" playlist. I am a big fan of the band Keane from their first album out a few years ago. I saw them in concert (thanks to Julie who bought us the tickets as a gift)during their Hopes and Fears tour, and I just have to say, you can not fully apprecaite this band if you havent seen them live.

Keane is a band made up solely of a singer (Tom), pianist (Tim), and Richard (drummer). The band doesn't use a guitar and the sound is mellow but not boring.

With their second album, Under the Iron Sea, they tried to capture some of the feel of their live show and put it into their studio recordings. It was okay. It couldn't compare with Hopes and Fears, and after all, I found I only really loved a few songs on it.

But after I was hooked, I found this song online and it was SO good, I couldn't pass it up. Give it a listen!

With or Without You, by Keane

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Vance said...

I've seen them three times live now and they are always just as amazing and energetic each time! Love them!