Tuesday, April 01, 2008

DWTS Updates

I was watching Idol when I saw a headline on People.com that said Derek was taken to the hospital from the set today for a neck injury! I wonder what they do if the professional is injured and can't dance. I imagine they sub another pro. If Derek is out for a week (God forbid!), bring on Maks!! No, I am kidding. He seems to have already been released from the hospital, not seriously injured.

Who knew Johnathan was so funny? I loved the Man-go. Also loved the neon dance Julianne and Mark did. They are two of my fave pros!

Kristy & Mark
Adam & Julianne
Priscilla & Louis
Marissa & Tony (my friend Colleen's 20 calls made the difference!)
Jason & Edyta
Marlee & Fabian
Christian & Cheryl
Shannon & Derek
Mario & Karina

Going home:
Steve & Anna - Goodbye Steve! It has been a pleasure and you have such a nice attitude and seem fun!

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