Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol - Top 5 Performances

Good news: Tonight starts the episodes where the contestants perform two songs per night. Bad news: It is Neil Diamond night. The fact that Neil's

Jason Castro sang Forever in Blue Jeans. I liked it. He has a shtick and it really works. Even when the judges haven't loved him, I have thought he was consistent. It seemed a tad more upbeat than some of the songs he has sung of late.

September Morn was Jason's second song. It was romantic, and I kind of dug it! He stays true to his own style and never compromises. As usual, the judges hate it.

David Cook sang I'm Alive. And it was fast and pretty rock-y. I liked it. I don't know the original so I couldn't tell you if he changed up the arrangement, or if it just sounded less Neil Diamond-y since he has a rugged rocker voice. Love him.

All I Really Need is You was David's second song. Loved loved loved it. I don't need to say anything else (except I love his falsetto!).

Brooke White sang I'm a Believer. And, yea, she is back behind her much-needed crutch of an instrument. It helps to detract from her awkwardness. And since she is playing with the band, she should be able to stay on a more steady beat (rather than letting her nerves speed it up). It was fun but nothing amazing. She is better on slower, more emotional songs.

I Am...I Said was Brooke's second song. I feel she is best behind the piano. I loved that performance. The judges liked it, too.

David Archuleta sang Sweet Carolina. What do you know? He is not singing an "inspirational" song this week. In fact, I think he is singing a LOVE song. It was OK. A little weak. But weak for David is still pretty darn good. At this point in the game, I think his song choice coach (aka probably his dad) should recommend a non-cheese song for strategy purposes, and I feel he did that tonight.

America was David's second song. I spoke too song. This is his cheese-tastic song of the week. I actually know this song, at least. He sang it fine, but I guess I am just over him a bit... Sorry, David fans.

Syesha Mercado sang Hello Again. Not a surprise she chose this one. But I am kind of liking it. Her emotional connection has improved. She is still my least favorite, though...

Thank the Lord for the Nighttime was Syesha's second song. It was fun. I feel pretty good about her making final 5 (contestants, not Cylons...), because even though I am not a huge fan, she is pretty good. I think it IS her time to go, though.

Second round was better than the first!

My fave:
David Cook

Bottom 2:
Brooke & Syesha

Going home:

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