Monday, April 28, 2008

Battlestar Galactica, Escape Velocity

I have struggled with what I wanted to write about this episode. It is hard for BSG to come on Friday after an episode like Lost's "The Shape of Things to Come", which was so full of story, you had to watch it a couple of times just to remember everything that happened. An episode like that makes it hard to have these filler/plot-advancing episodes that BSG is known for. They aren't poorly written or acted, it is just that we get spoiled on action-packed, question-answering episodes. So having said that, I didn't dislike this episode, I just never figured out what actually was really happening. Here are my thoughts:

Poor Tigh - In trying to come to grips for killing his wife for being a traitor (for Tigh's sake no less), he finds himself obsessing over the captive Six and trying to get into her brain. (How does she not figure out he is a Cylon?) She states that, yes, she does FEEL the pain of the countless deaths she has caused, and the pain is what gives her knowledge and understanding. Then she gives this "gift" to Tigh by beating the crap out of his face, but realizes his need is not pain, but what I am guessing is love, which leads her to kiss his bloody one-eyed face.

Poor Tyrol - He believes himself responsible for Callie's death because she thought they were having an affair. In a roundabout way, he is responsible, but only because she overheard their Cylon conversation (or else she wouldn't have been in that darn airlock in the first place...). But then he says those awful things to the Admiral about her and gets himself demoted. Did he mean them? Does she really smell like cabbage? Did he really settle for her and truly still love Boomer? Is he just talking crazy out of devastation and sadness?

Not so poor Tori- She just gets on my nerves. I don't like her!

Poor Roslin - She is dying of cancer and has officially lost enough hair to resort to a wig. Sean pointed out that she used a hair straightener, which I thought was funny. It was clear it was because she had to have different "hair" to show the progress of her cancer. I liked her conversation with Baltar and how she is seemingly more concerned for the fate of the fleet than for her own life/death.

Poor Gaius? - Baltar is really starting to deserve his cult following. He is starting to preach and get some real attention. From woman-beating, anti-Gaius soldiers of some sort. He even was willing (or forced by Six) to get his face beat in while preaching to the people. And while Lee will protect Baltar's freedoms, he still thinks he is a nut.

The best part of Friday's episode was the preview of next week and the appearance of Leoban on Starbuck's ship.

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