Tuesday, April 08, 2008

American Idol - Top 8 Performances

We kicked off the "Idol Gives Back" week with an evening of "inspirational" songs.

Michael - I thought it was awesome. I don't get what Randy said. I was worried about the high part at the end but he was great.
David Archuleta - There were a couple of parts he didn't sound great, but I thought he was really good. And I love when he plays the piano when he sings.

Jason - I must give him credit for playing the ukulele (I am so thankful for spell check right now). It was a good choice for his voice and he sounded good. He isn't really bringing anything new compared to his previous weeks, but I think he is consistent. He's so pretty.
David Cook - I love David so it pains me to put him here. I just wasn't crazy about this song choice. He sang it fine. It is strange to see him singing with a choir, too. I think he knew it wasn't very good.
Carly - Love the orchestra. Carly's make up looks good this week, but I don't like her outfit (but Simon did?). It is not good. The singing was just ok. I really like her, too, and I wanted her to do great.
Brooke - This competition is really getting tough. She is one of my faves, but this group is REALLY talented. I feel like she is more comfortable (and, therefore, more comfortable to watch) when she is playing an instrument.

Syesha - She sang it fine, but I am tired of her choosing these kinds of songs. Fantasia was amazing on this song and she can't really compete. She has a good voice and sang great, but this has all been done before.
Kristy - Poor Kristy. I am putting her in the "Um...No" section before she even sings. I just don't like her style. She seems nice... (that is me making myself feel better). Always (almost - see David Cook) love a choir, though.

My faves (still):
David Cook
Brooke White

Who I hope is Bottom 3:
Syesha Mercado
Kristy Lee Cook
Jason Castro (that one is tough, but I just don't see him winning)

Who probably is Bottom 3:
Carly Smithson
Kristy Lee Cook
Syesha Mercado

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Vance said...

Ha, I kept trying to re-spell that damn word and always coming up with the automatic red line. Finally I gave in to spellcheck. I was so determined to try to get it right on my own but I think I did every variation except the right one.