Wednesday, April 16, 2008

UPDATED: Dancing with the Stars - Week 5

It is Latin night tonight on Dancing with the Stars, which means we are in for a steamy saucy set of performances. Let's see who's got the Latin dances down.

Mario & Karina - He really did look like he got his swagger back, as though he was so much more confident. It really came across in his dance. I thought they looked great, and enjoyed watching their dance. Judges' score: 27/30

Priscilla & Louis - I can tell they really worked hard and the sexiness is there, which is key, but I also didn't feel that she was technically on. He is so obviously technically spot on, that it makes it more obvious when she is not. Judges' score: 21/30

Marissa & Tony - I have liked this pairing from the start. Marissa's charisma and enthusiasm for the dancing has spilled over every time she has appeared on screen. I thought the performance was really fun! Judges' score: 24/30

Cristian & Cheryl - I love this Daniel Bedingfield song (well, when Daniel sings it, anyway). The dance was very sexy, but was it technically good? I felt like Cheryl did most of the dancing on this one, while Cristian kind of stood around (kind of like Lacey and Kameron on last season's SYTYCD). Judges' score: 23/30

Marlee & Fabian - I was a little distracted during this performance but I found it to be a little scattered and awkward to watch. Judges' score: 22/30

Kristy & Mark - How cute is Kristy's family? I love that she created those characters for them so she wouldn't feel as uncomfortable. They are both so professional, and while I don't think they have tons of chemistry (best so far for them, though), I always feel like they are technically really good. Judges scores: 29/30

Shannon & Derek - Wow, Derek is having some medical bad luck lately, huh? Also, I don't remember Derek's shirt being open like that in th past. Anyway, to the dancing: It was ok. I felt like she just didn't look that great. Judges' score: 23/30

Jason & Edyta - She makes him look better, so together they seem smooth, but I was just watching him, and it was rather awkward. I think this dance was just hard for him. And why did they cut to Len in the middle of the dance? Judges' score: 27/30

UPDATE: It is not too big of a surprise that Priscilla & Louis were eliminated last night based on the last couple of performances. It is unfortunate whe could not continue at the level where she started off this season.

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