Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol - Top 7

I am excited about Mariah Carey on the show tonight. I really love (most of) her music. Some of the newer stuff, not so much. But I think it is going to be tough because the contestants are constantly getting reamed out for singing Mariah songs. Perhaps, because it is a requirement, the judges won't be so harsh with the comparisons.

David Cook - I love You'll Always Be My Baby. Like Mariah, it makes me a little nervous. But this is his thing. He does different versions of well-known songs and really makes them new. Love the orchestra, too. Love him! He is not as creepy to look at anymore, either... And, OK, he cried. If he was terrible tonight, he still would stick around for crying. But either way, maybe that will quash those "cocky" rumors. Here's the video:

Carly Smithson - I love Without You and I think Carly has the chops to really sing this song. She has a really rich voice and I enjoyed the "bigger" parts of the song. Here's the video:

David Archuleta - I kind of guessed someone would sing this one (When You Beleive). I have been singing it for a couple of weeks for no reason. I thought it was good. Kind of awkward, so not amazing in my opinion. But his voice sounded beautiful, as usual.
Syesha Mercado - For once, Syesha chose a song that wouldn't give her as much of a direct comparison to the original artist. I don't know Vanishing so I can't compare it to Mariah. Still, it was same old Syesha to me, and therefore it was JUST alright.
Brooke White - Hero is always such a cheesy song. But Brooke doesn't really need to worry about being compared to Mariah. She has a great deal of originality. But was she nervous or rushed tonight? I felt there were several times she didn't hit the note directly. She either missed it altogether, or had to come around to it. But I liked it. I am interested to hear her itunes recorded version.
Jason Castro - He sang I Don't Want to Cry. Love this song, and his version sounded nothing like the original. I really liked it, but didn't love it. He is consistent, though.

Kristy Lee Cook - I don't know Forever. Again, poor Kristy. I just don't like her very much (musically). Who keeps voting for her? I don't know anyone that likes her. Having said that, she actually didn't have a bad performance. But I always feel she is better at the big loud notes than the smaller, lower, quieter ones.

I liked Mariah on the mentor parts and thought she acted genuinely interested and helpful.

Bottom Three (?):

Going Home:

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