Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Song of the Week

I am not writing enough about music considering it is probably my favorite form of entertainment (Yes! Over TV, books, movies AND musicals (but musicals ARE music, right?)). I listen to my ipod, or, or XM radio, or a CD, or SOME form of music at work all day long. It helps me to drown out distractions. In addition, the way my cubicle is situated, I can dance a good deal without being seen.

I have decided to add a "Song of the Week" section to my blog so I can address the songs that I can listen to repeatedly without getting bored. Usually there are a few I just WAIT for when I have my songs set to shuffle.

This week's song is Accidental Babies by Damien Rice. I discovered Damien last year with 9 Crimes and bought the entire 9 album. Accidental Babies has become my favorite. It is just so sad. He emotes so well through his music. Here, give it a try.

Accidental Babies by Damien Rice

Sorry for the fan video in French. There wasn't much on that wasn't live. It was between this and a BSG Kara/Lee fan vid. I was THIS close to putting that one on here.

Good lyrics:

I know I make you cry
I know sometimes you want to die
But do you really feel alive without me
If so be free
If not leave him for me
Before one of us has accidental babies


juls said...

what a good/heavy song. i also love damien rice. matt and i first found out about him at a record store in kuala lumpur, malaysia in early 2004. the shop owner suggested him and a few other gems. thanks malaysian guy!

Linz McC said...

Heavy is a good word. It is so depressing and he sounds so sad (well, most of the time he sounds sad...).

That is a totally random story. That Malaysian guy had good taste. :)