Tuesday, April 22, 2008

American Idol - Top 6

Tonight, Emily and I watched the Top 6 performances of Andrew Lloyd Webber music. Here are my thoughts:


David Cook - I was nervous that he decided to sing Music of the Night and to sing it straight the way it was written. But I decided that it was a smart move. He showed he can sing anything. And he was STILL my favorite of the night. But if I have to hear Randy say, "I've said it before; I'll say it again. If you can sing, you can sing anything" I am going to lose it!

Carly Smithson - This was really good. I was glad ALW convinced her to sing Jesus Christ Superstar instead of All I Ask of You. It was a much better use of her voice. I thought it was her best performance in weeks.


Jason Castro - I was seriously hoping no one would choose to sing Memories. It is just to cheesy. But I didn't hate this performance like the judges did. I kind of enjoyed it actually.

Brooke White - Contrary to what Paula said, I felt like it was over-acted. But then again, that might just be how Brooke is (awkward...). I really like You Must Love Me from Evita and was glad to hear someone was singing it. It was pretty good.

David Archuleta - At first I was nervous to hear he was singing Think of Me. This started out well. I thought the guitar and singing started out very nicely. I thought it sounded like More Than Words. But then it just got cheesed up. It wasn't bad, but I was disappointed that for once he didn't sound as cheesy as usual, only to be turned into "the usual."

Syesha Mercado - She sang One Rock and Roll Too Many from Starlight Express. I actually really liked this performance. But she is still just my least favorite.

Bottom Three:
Syesha Mercardo
Brooke White
Hmmm... I can't decided if I would put Carly here or Jason. I am going to guess Carly.

Going home:
Syesha? I hope so.

Let's face it. There aren't any lousy singers left that we are all dying to see gone. This show is getting good!

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