Tuesday, April 01, 2008

American Idol - Top 9

First off, I love Dolly Parton! Her bust makes no sense to me, but her music is amazing! She still has it after all these years. Love her. Now my opinions on the performances.

Brooke White - Jolene - I love this song. I wish it felt so rushed, but I like Brooke's voice on it. However, Mindy Smith did this with Dolly on background vocals, and it would take the cake over Brooke any day. She responds too much to the judges during their comments. I think it is because she is uncomfortable, but I find it distracting.

David Cook
- Little Sparrow - He did something different with his hair. I like it. And he gave credit to Doxology for their Elinor Rigby arrangement that he didn't credit them with before. He has not disappointed me in 4 weeks of performances. I liked hearing a little bit of his falsetto (and now Randy says the same thing!). Love him.

Ramiele Malubay - Do I Cross Your Mind - She seemed unsure but sang it alright. Still pretty blah for me.

Jason Castro - Traveling Through - This seemed a little different for Jason and I liked seeing something that isn't quite so mellow. I liked the performance.

Carly Smithson - Here You Come Again - This is what I was waiting for from Carly after the last couple of weeks. Loved it. I really loved the slower arrangement.

David Archuleta - Smoky Mountain Memories - I don't know this song, but this is the type of song he should sing. I prefer it to be a song I know so I can get into it more, and I don't really feel this one. But, his performances so far have shown me he shouldn't sing anything upbeat. You just can't deny he has an unbelievable voice.

Kristy Lee Cook - Coat of Many Colors - Well she better do a good job at this since she is actually a country singer. I have a hard time seeing how she got a record deal. I just don't see her as THAT good of a singer. I don't dislike her though or wish her ill. I am just ready to see her go.

Syesha Mercado - I Will Always Love You - She is going to have to nail this. She is an amazing singer, but most importantly, she HAS to connect with the viewers. She has been in the bottom 3 the past couple of weeks, even with her great performance last week. She sounds great, but again, it was just OK for me.

Michael Johns - It was just ok for me. I like his voice but for some reason this one didn't suck me in. Maybe I was just distracted by a game of online Scrabble. It was pretty blues-y soul, which I liked for him, though.

Loved: David Cook, Brooke White, Carly Smithson, David Archuleta
OK: Jason Castro, Michael Johns, Syesha Mercado
Um...No: Ramiele Malubay, Kristy Lee Cook

Who I would like to see in the bottom 3 (again):

I doubt that will be the bottom 3. Here is who I think will actually BE in the bottom:


Vance said...

Kristy was the one with the record deal? Seriously?

Linz McC said...

I know! Kristy & Carly both had unsuccessful record deals.