Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Idol Gives Back (Updated with More Videos)

I gotta say. It was a really good show. It had some great performances. The highlights for me (with videos as I find them):

1) The So You Think You Can Dance dancers in the opening act (and they appeared later in the show, but this was their big performance). They danced while the Idols sang to Please Don't Stop the Music by Rihanna. It was awesome. Man I've missed them... I can't wait for May 22.

2) Carrie Underwood singing George Michael's Pray for Time. My sister Julie and I have been obsessing over George Michael for 3 days straight for some reason so I have listened to this song (among others) several times. Carrie killed it. It was great. I need to find it to download it.

3) The Idols gave a Shout out to Jesus! Yes, they sang the good old P&W song Shout to the Lord. Yes, they left out "Jesus" in the first verse, but come on. It was still very much about Jesus. I was surprised and impressed.

4) 525,600 Minutes. Seasons of Love!! The Idols sang some Rent.

5) Daughtry's song, What About Now?, was really good near the end.

6) The Annie Lenox footage with the boys in Africa especially broke my heart. I sat and cried on the couch. So sad.

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juls said...

this whole show was good. i keep rewatching my fave parts! and, btw, we've been obsessing about george michael since approximately 1984, but you're right, the last three days have been especially saturated. our beloved Jorge Miguel! love him!