Thursday, June 12, 2008

SYTYCD - Results Show (Top 20)

Darn that Google Reader. It is great for reducing my surfing time, but not good for avoiding spoilers! I accidentally found out who was eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance before the episode even started here. But I am still enthusiastic about this episode. So let's go!

First we had the group performance, choreographed by Wade Robson, my favorite choreographer on the show. He is so edgy, and while is style is pretty recognizable, it is really his own. I think we need several more elimination rounds before the group is good enough to pull off a routine with so many hard hitting moves.

Now, onto the Bottom Three announcements (What is with the wonky camera moves?).

Bottom Three Couples:

Kourtni & Matt - Bottom 3
Rayven & Jamie - Bottom 3
Jessica & Will - Bottom 3


Kourtni - I liked her solo. She should be safe.
Matt - His solo was good. He needs to work on the smiling all the time. He must be really happy. But for how long and lean he is, this is so interesting to watch.
Rayven - It was okay, but I wasn't crazy about it. I don't love ballet.
Jamie - This was a turnoff, and reiterated my first impression of him: that I don't like him. Or in other words, Gag-a-maggot.
Jessica - The song choice was weird to me, but I liked her dancing.
Will - His was by far my favorite solo tonight. He seems to put so much of himself into his dancing. Loved him.

After the solos, while the judges deliberated, the viewers were forced to listen to a horrendous performance by the Pussy Cat Dolls. Please, Fox, never force me to see something like that again.

Going home:



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Vance said...

Greetings from Hong Kong!

GAG O MAGGOT? lol...

funny. you hate him. I LOVED him. Okay. I'm sure the face helped.

Still, I thought his Hip Hop was pretty good.

Oh well, but yes, in the solos, Matt and Will had even better solos for a strong bottom 3.

sigh... oh well...