Friday, June 13, 2008

Battlestar Galactica - Revelations

I just finished watching this episode, and wanted to write my thoughts immediately so as not to forget anything. So I'll get right to it.

Tory - First, it is revealed that the four Cylons in the fleet would have to reveal themselves and come over to the Basestar or the human hostages on the Basestar would be killed. Tory goes immediately, without one single human suspecting why she would go. Her excuse was to give medicine to the President. It seemed obvious to me, but I knew she was a Cylon. The BSG crew just thought she really cared for the Prez. Hey, at least she gave her the medication.

Music - I have to give credit to Bear McCreary. I don't usually pay any attention to the composition in the background, but it was certainly hard to ignore in this episode. Multiple times while watching, I actually caught myself thinking, "Wow! Great music for the scene!" Plus, I love the use of voices to go with the instruments.

Tigh & Adama - We knew Sol was going to tell Adama he was a Cylon, but how could we know that Adama would react the way he did. First, trying to convince Sol he was wrong. Then his anger. It was just devastating seeing him a mess in the floor, with Lee having to console him, and try to talk some sense into him. It was so well-acted by all three of these actors in what I would assume was an incredibly difficult series of scenes to film. In addition, I really love Sol Tigh and was so proud of him for fessing up, even if it was too little, too late.

Baltar - Gaius was actually useful in this episode. His time has come to step up and help the fleet. And while he doesn't ultimately save anyway, he delays Deanna's decision long enough for Kara to stop Lee from airlocking the three Cylons.

The Viper - The Cylons DID lead the way to earth, just like the Hybrid predicted. And Kara was there to help them out. Thank the gods she saw it when she did, so our three favorite Cylons didn't get flushed out the airlock.

The Alliance - I have kind of expected a big alliance of "let's find earth together" to come. And it did. And while I kind of felt like Lee did a 180 a little to quickly, I will just assume that he and Kara and probably the Admiral discussed this a bit first. I was relieved the four Cylons received amnesty (well, maybe not Tory).

Um, They found earth! - How could you not tear up a bit when Adama announced to the fleet that they had made it, after several years, so many deaths, so much doubt. It was awesome when they turned the camera and the fleet was sitting just outside the earth's atmosphere.

Aw crap! - Well, good news: They found earth. Bad news: Earth sucks. Yeah, it has been destroyed in what looks like World War III. I can't help but think of the Book of Revelation in the Bible where God revealed many things about Jesus Christ to John, including the coming apocalypse. Was "Revelations" as the episode title used on purpose when we discover that the BSG fleet arrives at a post-apocalyptic earth? I see a hint of a double-meaning (at least!).

This was a GREAT episode, and I have no idea how I will wait another 8-10 months for the rest of this "season." But fortunately, the cliffhanger was overshadowed by the reveal. This was an excellent mid-season finale. See you next season...

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