Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - Week 3

I'm a day late in watching this week's episode. I'll update this post after I watch the elimination show. First, American Idol, though. Here are my thoughts on this week's performances.

Marlee & Fabian - Marlee is so fun and seems to be really enjoying the competition. And I have to give it to her. She has good rhythm and is an enjoyable dancer. Judges' score: 21/30

Steve & Anna - Steve wants so badly to be good And he has the "acting" part of the dances down. But I just don't think he is in this competition yet, as far as the dancing skills. Judges' score: 21/30

Christian & Cheryl - I like watching this pairing. Christian seems comfortable on the dance floor and I liked his jive. Judges' score: 25/30

Mario & Karina
- He wears very interesting outfits every week. He seems like a natural performer and dancer. I would love to see him do the Paso Doble. Judges' scores: 21/30

Shannon & Derek - She is a little gangly. I don't like this one as much as their last dance. But overall not bad. Judges' score: 24/30

Adam & Julianne - I love her wig! Adam seems to have taken this week more seriously and improved a bit. Perhaps, he doesn't want to embarrass himself or Julianne. Or maybe his competitive spirit has kicked in. Judges' score: 21/30

Marissa & Tony - Before she even dances, I have to say I love her. I want her to do well. And I enjoyed the performance. But I don't know that it was too good. Let's see what the judges say. Judges' score: 19/30

Priscilla & Louis - Can I remind you that she is 62?? Good grief. I mean, I know she has had major (and not all good) plastic surgery, but I give her lots of credit for doing the show. They are a good match and I thought it was sexy and nice to watch. Seemed like their moves were precise. Judges' score: 26/30

Jason & Edyta - I think Jason is likable and seems very personable. It was ok for me. Seemed like he was thinking too hard during the performance. Judges' score: 23/30

Kristy & Mark - The pressure is on to maintain their high standings. Looks good right off. They are just a good pairing and you know she knows how to compete. Judges' score: 27/30

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