Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Updated: DWTS Week 4

Well, we are four weeks into Dancing with the Stars. I guess I am not totally loving it (yet) because I am already thinking that there are still a LOT of weeks left in the competition. Therefore, I am not going to be as detailed with my discussion this week. I just want to say who I am loving, who I am not, and who I think will be going home.

Side note: Does anyone else find Samantha's arm tone disturbing? It is like Sarah Connor in Terminator 2!

Kristy & Mark - They were great. I love the passion of the Paso Doble. I think Mark deserved the credit he was given for his choreography.
Mario & Karina - It was good. It wasn't as good as Kristy and Mark's but I'll take it.
Jason & Edyta - To start, he is looking very fine tonight. And of course Edyta is always a good accessory (and wasn't dressed quite so skimpily as usual). I enjoyed it. It was very good but he is still SLIGHTLY two big and stompy for me. Just needs a little bit more grace.
Shannon & Derek - This was a really pretty dance to watch. I always like Derek's choreography, and I am glad to see he is not seriously injured.
Marissa & Tony - I think you can see the increase in the level of difficulty in Tony's choreography, as well as the intensity level. I thought it was great.

Priscilla & Louis - I found it slight awkward but it was pretty. I think the judges saw more errors than I would have, since I don't know what I am looking at.
Marlee & Fabian - She had what seemed like good extension. They only sort of pulled off the "sexy" factor. I was just a tad bored. Just a note that I find the Viennese Waltz to be pretty boring. It would have to be extra special to get into my "Loved" category.
Cristian & Cheryl - Ignoring the dominatrix outfit Cheryl was wearing, I thought it was intense and sexy. However. I didn't find it technically impressive.

Adam & Julianne - Remember a second ago when I said I love the Paso Doble? I don't love it when it is not very good. Julianne, was, as usual spectacular. Adam... so-so.

I am going to guess Adam will go home this week.

On a related note, just a reminder of a couple of really great Paso Doble performances:

Heidi & Travis, Season Two of So You Think You Can Dance?

Apolo & Juliane, Dancing with Stars (his jumps!)

OK, so I said a little more than I had planned to.

UPDATE: Goodbye to Adam & Julianne. He was good for an awkward laugh, but it is as it should be.

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