Friday, April 11, 2008

Quick Thoughts: Idol & Office

My electricity has now been out for going on 30 hours. So I was terrified my Tivo wouldn't get to record my Thursday night shows. I was right. But I had plans to hang out at my friend Emily's and we watched the American Idol results show, as well as the new (finally!) episode of The Office. Here are a couple of quick thoughts:

American Idol - Who else was completely shocked last night? I wasn't totally surprised that Kristy Lee Cook wasn't in the bottom three. While I don't love her, she seems to be picking up some steam. I also wasn't surprised Michael Johns was in the bottom 3 with Syesha and Carly. I was completely surprised, however, that Michael was the one going home. It reminded me of Chris Daughtry last year when it was Just. Too. Soon. Farewell, Michael. i am sure you will find success anyway. And good luck!

The Office - Remember Phyllis' wedding last year when it was SO uncomfortable that it stopped being funny. I felt like that about this episode. The amount of hype this show was given based on how hilarious the table read was only left me wanting more. I love The Office. There were really funny parts, but overall I was just uncomfortable (and feeling REALLY sorry for Michael).


Vance said...

30 HOURS???

Linz McC said...

Don't get me started! Ugh it was so frustrating. It finally came on at about 10:30 this morning. That is just over 31 hours. ARGH!