Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Please Don't Screw Up One of My Faves!

I always enjoy when books I like are made into films, either feature films or made for TV. Even if the movie is not great, I enjoy seeing how someone else envisioned the characters and how the tone of the book can be expressed visually. One of my recent favorite books is My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult. It was announced last year that New Line would be in charge of the page-to-screen transition, and they have rallied quite an impressive cast (Abigail Breslin, Alec Baldwin, Cameron Diaz, Jason Patric). However, at a recent book signing event, Picoult announced that New Line had decided to change the ending to the story for the film version, much to her (and my) dismay. In case you haven't read it, I don't plan on divulging any major plot points here, but the change is tragic. This book is excellent.

Thanks to GMMR, I caught wind of this and found an article online where email addresses are given out in order to send a letter of protest. Please partake in the protest and let the story be told as it should be! The email addresses are and My email to Mark came back undeliverable, but why not give it a try anyway?

And while you are at it, pick up a copy of My Sister's Keeper. You won't be disappointed.

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