Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Now for some strange casting news...

I don't know if it is the casting in this film, or the subject matter itself, but it just seems really strange. Oliver Stone will be directing the 2009 movie W about George W. Bush. Strangely enough, here is the casting done so far per

Josh Brolin as George W. Bush
Elizabeth Banks as Laura Bush
James Cromwell as George H.W. Bush (in negotiations)
Jeffrey Wright as Colin Powell

Based on the ages of the actors playing W and Laura, my guess is that this is a story leading up to the White House, and not as much about AFTER he gets in the White House. We'll see. Either way, I am sure it will be very controversial!


juls said...

this oughta be interesting!

kate diago. said...

i wish i was a casting director. i love when they pick great matches. (this movie not sure like you!) i love when they are good at matching up kid actors that actually look like the parents, too :)

Linz McC said...

Or when they cast a child version of a character and an older version for flashbacks or whatever. I am always impressed when they look even remotely alike (because so often they don't).