Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Musical - Not the City

My sister Kenzie and I went to see Chicago on tour this weekend. It was the last weekend they were performing at Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth. Bass Hall is superior to other music halls in the area where Broadway shows usually come. I had only ever seen the film version of Chicago, and along with the fact that Kenzie is in her high school production of Chicago this spring, it was excellent timing to grab some tickets and go.

One thing to point out about Bass Hall. There are really NO bad tickets in this place. It is a beautiful performance hall with excellent acoustics. I have seen multiple shows there over the years, including Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, and most recently, A Tuna Christmas (my husband's parents took us).

OK, back on to the point of the show. Chicago is one of those shows where the dancing MUST be on. The singing was so-so in this particular performance. I didn't recognize any of the cast and it seemed most of them were limited on experience. I enjoyed the show but didn't find myself raving about any of it afterwards... Except for the dancing. The dancing sucked me in immediately from All That Jazz. It was incredible. And as a result, I was more forgiving of less-than-stellar performances by some of the cast. It sure made me want to go out and take up some jazz dancing. I assume the choreography was the original choreography by Bob Fosse. It would just be wrong to re-choreograph it. His amazing talent is duly noted here. Although, I didn't enjoy Fosse all that much a few years back, but that was for different reasons.

One more thing. Credit should go to Mr. Cellophane, who got the most hoots and hollers from the crowd, both during his performance and during the curtain call.

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Vance said...

I wanted to take dance lessons right after I saw this!

And YAY! Your own blog!