Thursday, August 07, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 4 Perform

My post is not only really delayed, but will also be much shorter than normal. I am out of town and away from my laptop. I am forced to write this all from memory! Just a few quick thoughts.

The solos didn't add or take away from what I think of any of the final four contestants. So that is all I will say about them.

The routines dances that stood out for me the most were:

Twitch & Joshua's Russian Trepak - Lots of energy. Fun to watch. I still prefer the Tranji hip hop and the Neil/Danny contemporary, but interesting. And I liked the addition of the trepak, knowing that they needed two really strong dancers (like these) to pull it off.

Katee & Joshua's Contemporary - Beautiful. I love Wade. Bring him back full time! Please! Beautifully executed. Love these two together...

Katee, Courtney, Twitch & Joshua's Contemporary
- From what I could tell, this was one you either loved or hated. I loved it. Completely new. Mia is great at coming from a new angle every time.

Less interesting routines:

Courtney & Joshua's Jive - Lots of tricks but not that impressive, dancing-wise. I think Joshua was just too tired on this one.

Courtney & Katee's Broadway - Ugh... We need to re-think the Broadway routines (or Tyce choreographing them, anyway).

Middle of the road:

Katee & Twitch's Foxtrot - It was better than I thought as I realized how much it stinks for someone to have the foxtrot in the finale. It didn't gain them points, nor did it lose them.

Courtney & Twitch's Hip Hop - I was entertained, but not blown away. Again, Courtney is capable of showing the right street 'tude for harder hip hop.

I was not surprised that we were not informed which two dancers were taken to the hospital this weekend for exhaustion. Would anybody doubt that one of them was Joshua? I think of all the dancers, he seemed the most worn out. He also seemed to have the most demanding dance schedule for this week.

Even so, my guess is that Joshua will win.

In order that they will leave tonight, my guess is

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