Saturday, August 02, 2008

Saw Wicked again last night...

I think that makes four times. First, I saw it on Broadway about a year and a half ago. Then, it came through Dallas and I had tickets. And then someone canceled and gave me their ticket, so I saw it twice there. So, now that I have moved to Los Angeles and a few members of my family have come to visit, it was time for visit number 4. Wicked has been playing here for about a year and I half, I think.

At this point, there is not anything for me to say about the story. I already know it. I know all the songs. And instead of saying who I didn't like (there were a couple), I will just say that this was probably the best Galinda I have seen. Her name was Erin Mackey and she brought a little something new to the role. Of course her singing was spot on, she was hilarious, super cute.

Also, this Elphaba (Teal Wicks) and Fiyero (Derrick Williams) had the best chemistry I have seen.

I think Les Mis is the only other show I have seen this many times. But I would probably watch it more if it were touring. I guess Rent comes in third with 3 times. I need to broaden my musical theatre horizons, I guess.

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