Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick Thursday Night TV Tidbits

The new LOST/The Fray music video. Check it out here for some very cryptic snippets of Season 5.

I just caught the final 20 minutes of tonight's episode of Survivor. I haven't been watching this season, but that tribal council had one of the dirtiest moves I have ever seen. One contestant made a deal with and gave his hidden immunity idol to another contestant. Come to find out, he gave him a FAKE idol. Ouch. The guy got up to use the idol and it was just horrid to watch.

So Pam is back in the Office, and, much to Michael's dismay and surprise, so is Toby. I thought Ryan was really funny tonight, and enjoyed when Pam told him the reason they had a temp was to clean out the microwave. But it reminded me that when this series started, Ryan was supposed to be a very normal, what-am-I-doing-in-a-place-like-this guy. And now he is ridiculous. He cracks me up, but I miss when he actually had a reason to believe he is too good for Michael. Now I think Michael has a reason to believe he is better than Ryan. I loved that the writers/actors made it genuinely feel like Pam would hate the house (that clown painting!) and that she loved it so much. The art studio was so sweet. I am glad Toby is back, even if Michael isn't.


Stella Louise said...

I'm glad Toby's back, too!

Vance said...

The guy in Survivor got his just deserts. That fake out was the BEST cause Randy was an A@@hole the whole time and I couldnt wait for him to leave so that was AWESOME!!!

Toby's return was AWESOME too!!!