Monday, November 24, 2008

Friday Night Lights - My thoughts

I haven't said blogged much, or any, about this season of FNL because most people can't watch it until the spring when it will air on NBC. But Wednesday's episode moved me to tears. And it wasn't anything major. Just the same old reason I love this show. And that is the relationships. While we got to see a good bit of Tami & Eric, Cash and Tyra, Matt & Julie, but the highlight of this episode was the sweet and supportive Riggins/Street relationship. In an episode where Street finally says goodbye to Dillon, we are reminded of his "never stop fighting" spirit. Also, it is revealed that Riggins really enjoys a good musical theater outing, dragging Street to a performance of Gypsy (which he is convinced will be good based solely on the fact that it has strippers in it). And while Riggins and Street can't honestly say "Texas Forever" they can say "Friends Forever" and really mean it. And kudos to Scott Porter and Taylor Kitsch for acting the heck out of their scenes.

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Hollie Nell said...

I've been avoiding reading most everything about FNL since my love of it is unending. But luckily you just glossed over what actually happened and it makes me even more excited for Spring. If NBC doesn't air the whole season, I may stage a riot at the studios! :) I'm excited about the musical theatre thing. I had a plotline in my spec that dealt with that though it ended up getting cut. Glad to know I'm on the same wavelength as these great writers.