Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Movie: Burn After Reading

Last week, we caught a showing of Burn After Reading. I don't think I am wrong in saying that this movie was quite hyped, and therefore my expectations were high. I guess I was a bit disappointed. Consistent with other Coen brothers movies, the plot was odd, seemingly random, quirky, (what is another word for what I am thinking?) etc. There are lots of laugh out load moments, especially including Brad Pitt. I found it funny to imagine his personality to be like this in real life, for some reason. I just found all the characters to be pretty much completely unlikable so I didn't have anyone to root for. If you don't go to the movies much, I would save this one for rental. If you do go often, you have probably already seen it...

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Stella Louise said...

I really liked this. It wasn't quite up to Fargo standards, although it had that random weirdness going for it.

I want to see it again on DVD because the theater was really crowded and that always hampers my movie-going enjoyment.