Friday, September 12, 2008

Lovin' On My Fellow Bloggers

This week I was honored by Stella at Well Above Average with some blog love. Imagine my surprise (and excitement that people ever read my blog...)! So here is how this thing works. I nominate 7 of my favorite blogs, and those bloggers get to

-Display this pic on their blog!

-Link to the person that nominated their blog.

-Nominate 7 of their own fave blogs to do the same.

-Notify your nominees of the honor!

And here are my nominees:

Eclaire Fare
- enjoying pop culture, one bite at a time. And Emily is one of my best friends.
Nehers in Nebraska - finding the meaning in the in between. And Julie is my sister. Also see her cute baby accessories here... (shameless family plug)
Tapeworthy - feel free to judge him on what he likes to watch, because he is judging you. And Vance shows me that one can be friends with people you meet on the internet without seeming creepy.
All and Sundry - she's artsy, she's unique, and she is a good soccer player.
Tumbleweed - really random thoughts. And Matt is my brother-in-law.
Movie Junkie - the name says it all. We trade thoughts on movies (among other things). And he has a handy rating system. And from what I can tell, he watches all types of movies (and some TV).
Give Me My Remote - Even though Kath over at GMMR is a big time TV blogger now, hers was the first blog I read on a regular basis and deserves to be nominated here!

It should be noted that there is a bit of blog incest that goes on, and as a result, I would have chosen a couple of Stella's nominees. I will give them honorable mention here: Holliewood and Gratuitous Violins. In addition, I would have chosen Well Above Average!


Hollie Nell said...

I love your blog too! I think it's amazing that other people read mine and I like knowing that I'm not the only TV or movie obsessed dork out there.

And by the way, I couldn't gather the courage to tell DB that I LOVED him in the Cutting Edge but I have to say he was the nicest guy. I mean, seriously totally friendly. It was awesome!

Vance said...

Thanks!... I think. No really, thanks! And you were one of my first commenters way back when! I was like. Someone who isn't in Canada that I had forced to read my blog is checking it out? Cool!

Anonymous said...

hey dude! thanks, man :-) i'm glad you think i'm a good soccer player! hahaha. i used to make julie swap out of goalie with me because i couldn't run more than two lengths of the soccer field. hehehe. i LOVED the creepy dancing christians video by the way. i have sent it off to many! HILARION!

E.F. said...

Wow, thanks for putting my blog as one of your favorites. I'm truly honored. Being the first person to comment on my blog, I've always keep watching for updates on your blog. Thanks again, Linz.

Esther said...

Thanks so much for the shoutout. And as I always like to point out, your blog is far from pointless!