Thursday, March 13, 2008

"Lost" - Ji Yeon

First of all, before I get started on the episode, please go here and let Sawyer give you a nickname. Mine is Capt. Lou Albino (as in Capt. Lou Albano, the wrestler). So I am a tad pale... Sean's is Stubby.

OK, on to this episode. I don't usually have a heck of a lot to say just after an episode. First, I have to let it sink in. But here are some initial thoughts.

1) Juliet is cutthroat!! I can't believe she told Jin about Sun's affair. I also can't believe that he knows the word "affair" after a few weeks of learning English.

2) Capt. Gault? Sayid put it best. The captain was extremely forthcoming, but we have to remember that Michael (we assume) gave them a note not to trust the Captain. Then again, Michael is following Ben's orders, and of course Ben would say not to believe the Captain. And Michael is just listening to Ben to save his son (another assumption based on next week's preview). So, once again, who do we believe?

3) Jin's gravestone said his date of death was 9/22/04, meaning he died before they left the island. Perhaps, Jin's body is one of the two that "Kate tried to save" in Jack's fake story. What the heck is going to happen for Jin to die before they leave? SAD!

4) Does this mean that Aaron IS one of the Oceanic Six? I guess so.

5) I was waiting for someone else from the O6 to come along in this flash-forward. Glad to see Hurley, and he wasn't in a mental institution.

6) Confusing with Jin's flashback and Sun's flashforward playing at the same times. Confusing, but I could tell something was off. I just felt it was obvious he was not really heading to see her with that Panda.

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