Monday, March 17, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - Week 1

I am not 100% devoted to watching this season yet. I miss Max. We'll have to see... But, for now, I am giving it a try.

Penn Jillette & Kym Johnson - It was fun. I really like Kym and Penn seems like he wants to learn and have some fun. He seemed very flat-footed, but it is his first dance. Let's give him some time to see if he gets any better. Judges' score: 16/30

Jason Taylor & Edyta Sliwinska - I get why he needs to feel macho.I think as he gets better on the show, he will be able to let that go. I don't know how he did technically, but I think he looks very smooth, and pretty comfortable, considering it is his first time on the dance floor. Side note: Can I please wake up tomorrow with Edita's body? Judges' score: 22/30

Cristian de la Fuente & Cheryl Burke - Don't really know who he is but he's pretty hot!
Seems kind of dorky, but I like that. Now to his dancing. He has good rhythm but his dancing feels a little forced to me. Cheryl's dress is not so good. He needs to loosen up but it was overall not too bad. Judges' score: 21/30

Adam Corolla & Julianne Hough - I love Julianne and her choreography. I am constantly in shock that she is so young. He seems uncomfortable, too, but I think it is just nerves. It wasn't too bad, just rather uptight. Julianne makes anyone look good. She looks great in yellow but I don't love the style of her dress. Judges' score: 15/30

Mario & Karina Smirnoff - Isn't it funny her partner is named Mario, again? I really enjoyed their dance. They were fun to watch and Mario has his own style on the dance floor. You can tell he is a dancer. I am not a big Karina fan. Judges' score: 24/30

Steve Guttenberg & Anna Trebunskaya - Steve is surprisingly in good shape, considering he seems so old (since Three Men and a Baby). Again, a tad uptight, but he loosened up throughout the performance. This is stuff that usually decreases with time on the show. But I think he is having fun and is actually a genuine fan of the show. Better than I expected. Judges; score: 18/30

Best of the night goes to:
Mario & Karina

Followed closely by:
Jason & Edyta
Cristian & Cheryl

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Emily said...

Wow. Steve Guttenberg is on this season? I am glad he is still getting work. I enjoyed his role on Veronica Mars Season 3, but he didn't do much between Police Academy and that show (except for Three Men and a Baby, of course).