Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Few Movies I Watched

I am well on my way to seeing all five movies that were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar this year. I can't remember a year where I have seen all 5. Of course, I am a month too late, but some of the movies STILL aren't out on DVD. I wish they would push the Oscars back to late March when they used to be. I know only lack There Will Be Blood, which I'll rent when it comes out for rental.

No Country for Old Men - I wasn't sure what to expect from this. It was very heavily hyped and won awards galore. And I am not always crazy about movies that the critics go nuts for. I was really sucked into it right away. The acting was really great (Tommy Lee Jones really stuck out to me as just amazing in this). The movie is slow-paced but not boring. The story is odd and filmed in a strange way, one that is expected from the Coen brothers. There was NO musical score and it made it that much more intense. It was very dark and not my favorite movie I have seen lately (that still belongs currently to Once), but I say give it a try.

Other movies I watched this weekend:

Dan in Real Life - Parts of this were cheesy but I liked the story. Steve Carrell was great in it. I got annoyed that people only want him to be hysterically funny in every movie. He was good at serious, and made the funny parts REALLY funny. The one thing that was strange is how many "fun group activities" this family did over the course of a few days... I thought the movie was sweet.

Gosford Park - I had watched this several years ago and didn't enjoy it. I think it had to do with the fact that I watched it with Sean who was not enjoying it. It wasn't his kind of movie and it always rubs off on me when he feels like that. Actually, that is why I decided to watch it again - to see if I liked it without him around. And I did. Have I mentioned I really like Clive Owen? It is a bit slow at parts, and I really enjoyed the "downstairs" people more than the "upstairs."

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