Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dancing with the Stars - Week 2

Dancing with the Stars will be losing TWO pairs tonight. I watched the show over lunch today and didn't get a chance to analyze it in detail. But here are my rankings (I rank them before I see the judges score so I am not swayed):

Shannon & Derek
Jason & Edyta (He is too smily for a sexy dance, but he was good, dance-wise.)
Marissa & Tony (I just think she is a fun person and fun to watch.)
Marlee & Fabian (They just seemed to glide across the floor.)
Kristy & Mark (She did a pretty good job loosening up!)
Mario & Karina (I don't like his outfit, though.)

Cristian & Cheryl
Priscilla & Louis

Not good, but I like them so much:
Steve & Anna

Monica & Johnathan (She is just awkward to watch.)
Penn & Kym (He is just too big.)
Adam & Julianne (He is just too awkward to watch. Not a dancer. Julianne looked amazing, as usual, though.)


Last night, we said goodbye to Penn Jillette & Kym Johnson. I can see why America didn't vote for them as much. But I really like Kym!

Also, Monica Seles & Johnathan Roberts went home. Again, I think this was fair.

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