Friday, March 28, 2008

I finally saw Enchanted!

So I finally watched Enchanted, a movie I have wanted to see for quite a while since I have heard so many people sing its praises. I have to say: I loved it! Amy Adams was brilliant in this role. Her singing was perfect for the role. I just sat and laughed at her portrayal of the cartoon-princess-turned-real-world-damsel-in-distress.

I also give a lot of credit to James Marsden, an actor who has become VERY familiar with losing the leading lady to another man. He was hilarious, and he sings very well. The cast was great, the story was great, the effects were great.

This is an odd genre of movie. It is not exactly a child's movie because there is a lot of adult content (not adult in THAT way). But parts of it are also very childish. It was a sweet movie and well-done. I highly recommend it.


juls said...

ok then, i will move this one up in my netflix queue!

Vance said...

I heart Amy!

I heart James Marsden too! What a year he had! With Hairspray and Enchanted, he totally blew my expectations away!

juls said...

i just got done watching this one. i loved it! it was so cute. i laughed out loud a lot and i even teared up at the end. ;)