Friday, March 14, 2008

I Should Tell You, I Should... No!

With the end of Rent's twelve-year run on Broadway quickly approaching (June 1!), I feel compelled to see it one last time. I have seen it three times (twice on tour and once on Broadway last year). I will be making a trip up to NYC before the end but will not be seeing it before it closes. However, the news that, not only will Rent still be touring in 2009, but that the cast members that originated the roles of Roger (Adam Pascal) and Mark (Anthony Rapp) will be returning for the tour. So what if they will be pushing walkers around the stage, I feel the need to seem them play the roles that really made them. Now that Jesse Martin isn't on Law & Order anymore, maybe he could join them?

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juls said...

cool stuff! it makes me feel old. rent was so hip & progressive when it first came out. i can't believe it has been 12 years! i wish all the original cast would perform, but this is pretty cool. perhaps i'll see it for a third time myself!