Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Run by Leona Lewis

I am trying to figure out how I feel about Leona Lewis' version of the song Run. You must understand that I adore the original by Snow Patrol, and it is one of my favorite (if not number one) songs on their albums. Leona is certainly talented, and more mainstream than Snow Patrol. But she kind of divas up the song. The video is pretty, as is Leona. I don't think I have made up my mind. I definitely prefer the SP version, but I guess her version is pretty enough. What do you say?

Watch the Leona Lewis version here.

Run by Snow Patrol

By the way, I do realize that Lewis did not just release this song and it has been out for a while. But as of late I have seen the video a lot and it just spurred me on to post.

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Vance said...

It's actually one of the songs I like from LL. (I hate her second single and I only love Bleeding Love because I picture Marc and Chelsie dancing when I hear it (yes, still) though her new single is pretty good (though can't remember the name right now)). I still love SP's original but LL's version is a good alternative.