Thursday, February 19, 2009

DWTS: Not again!

Once again, this season I decided not to watch Dancing with the Stars. It just can't compare to So You Think You Can Dance, both on levels of talent (the pros are great, but the stars are not so great) and entertainment value. And once again, the season has sucked me. More and more this is due to the pros being snatched up from the SYTYCD alumni. Previously, Lacey Schwimmer (season 3 of SYTYCD) was brought on to dance with Lance Bass and this season is set to dance with Steve-O (who I am actually interested to see now that he has cleaned himself up).

This season, two new SYTYCDancers ahve been added:

Dmitry Chaplin, (season 2), who will be dancing with singer Jewel. I wonder if he will rip open his shirt much??

Chelsie Hightower, season 4, who will be dancing with rodeo star Ty Murray (who also happens to be Jewel's fiance)

Looks like I am sucked back in!

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