Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What I find myself watching this fall (so far)

Thought I would give you a run-down of the TV that currently has me captivated! Here it is by day:

How I Met Your Mother - You could say I watch HIMYM for Neil Patrick Harris. I like Marshall and Lily, and occasionally like Ted and Robin, but everyone knows that Barney makes this show (including the rest of the cast). But the whole cast meshes well together and makes me laugh.

House - You could say I am late to the party on House. I happened on Season Two when I was in India, and desperate for good TV, watched it every day. Then my sister forced me to watch the end of last season and now I am hooked. Especially after that devastating season finale! So I am two eps and enjoying the ride so far. Still DVRing old eps that rerun and watching those, too!

So You Think You Can Dance - This last season I just wasn't into SYTYCD as I have been before. But that doesn't mean I am not willing to stick with it for its first appearance on the fall schedule. I never really LOVE the show till the competition starts, so here's hoping this season is a good one! Also, I signed up today for tickets to a taping, so I am expecting to get to go some time this season!

So You Think You Can Dance

Glee - Definitely may very favorite new show this season. I am completely obsessed with it. I watch every episode at least twice and have seen the pilot maybe five or six times. I am a choir nerd and this show was MADE for me. I have all the music on my iTunes and bug my husband with it on a near-constant basis. If you aren't watching, you are missing great music, witty writing, and the amazingly hilarious Jane Lynch as Sue Sylvester. Set your Tivos!

Modern Family
- I wasn't planning to watch this but Ducky kept going on and about it so I added to my Tivo list. It was laugh out loud funny. Even my husband liked it, and he is more picky than me. I love family dysfunction!

Vampire Diaries - Come on. It's about vampires. Not that that is enough because I never really got into True Blood. Or Moonlight. But I do love vamps and am always willing to at least give them a try. So far VD hasn't blown me away, but it also hasn't turned me off. I like the three main actors. I did NOT like Paul Wesley on Everwood and The OC, but I don't even think of those old characters when I am watching Stefan. And he is hot... Speaking of hot, so is Ian Somerhalder who plays Stefan's brother Damon (RIP Boone...). This show is definitely not for everyone, but I can see why The CW decided to cash in on the success of Twilight, and it seems to be paying off.

The Office - The Office isn't quite as good as it used to be, but that doesn't mean it has taken a nose-dive (see Grey's Anatomy), and I still find it humorous enough to watch. Michael is still ridiculous and makes me cringe with being uncomfortable, but the writers and actors have managed to keep us interested after they got their "will they/won't they" couple together a couple of seasons ago.

Community - I want to like this show more than I do. That is why I am sticking it out and hoping it gets its legs a little. I love Joel McHale on The Soup (and find him oddly attractive; does anyone else have this issue?). My biggest problem is that I just don't find his character Jeff likable. I know he isn't SUPPOSED to be liked, but they need to give him a likable quality or else we can't care about him. I am sure the whole point of the show is that he will nice-en up a little. We'll see if I make it that far.

Dollhouse - I watched Season One of Dollhouse over the course of the last couple of weeks, finishing just in time to see the Season Two premiere last Friday. You can see my thoughts on it here!

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