Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hugh & Daniel premiere "A Steady Rain"

These boys both sure know how to work a suit. OK, I could do without the mustache on Daniel Craig, but he and Hugh Jackman look great, as usual. These pics are from opening night of their Broadway play "A Steady Rain." I am not really familiar with the play at all but it seems to be already raking in the dough, surely due to the casting of these two men.

I am most amused by the way they responded (in character, no less) to a gentleman (or not) who repeatedly allows his phone to ring during the play. Watch here:

If you go to the theatre, TURN OFF YOUR PHONE! If you don't know how to, why do you own a phone? But fine, just leave it in the car or at home or something.

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TaylorSwift said...

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