Friday, July 24, 2009

Twilight Experience - July 23, 2009 San Diego, CA

It isn't a secret I am quite the Twilight fan. I have written about the books (Twilight and Breaking Dawn), the movies (Twilight and New Moon trailer), and been to Twilight-related events and posted about them all. And my handful of regular readers probably already know this, but I write for a Twilight fan blog in my spare time (OK, I have a lot of spare time these days). Anyway, yesterday I attended a screening of the movie where many members of the cast appeared and got the fans a-screaming. If you won't tease me TOO much about how I turned into a 15 year old girl in the process. You can read my full account, along with pictures and video, here.

And just check out the blog, Team-Twilight in general because it is a pretty good one, if I do say so myself. Also, it's on Twitter at @teamtwilighters.

Always the consummate professional:

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Jen said...

Heading over to read your Twilight post. I would never make fun because I could totally see myself doing something like this. Except I would never wear a Team Jacob hat. Ever. Team Edward FOREVER!!!!!