Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Just something better to look at

This post is for Emily. She is tired of pulling up my blog and seeing those terrible pics of Christian Bale on the set of his latest movie. And since I haven't managed to finish the several posts I am working on because I was so busy watching SYTYCD, here is a picture to take your mind off the last one.


Emily said...

Ahhh, how refreshing! And a nice way to start the morning, too. Thanks for giving me something much nicer to look at. :)

Natalee said...

Thank you ever so much. I was distressed at the last photo as well. Thanks for giving me a bright start to my day!

Jen said...

THANK YOU!!! Much better! That other photo was starting to bother me too. Isn't it funny how one photo can cause so much distress? :)