Friday, August 07, 2009

Adam Lambert takes on Muse on GMA

Ever since Adam Lambert made the top 20 on American Idol and started showing off his range, I was wondering when he would sing a Muse song. English band Muse is one of my all-time favorites and singer Matthew Bellamy has an uncharacteristically high voice and amazing control. They put on a spectacular concert and I have posted about them on here before. So with Adam's also-amazing range and control, why didn't he sing any of their music on Idol? Well, they are still trying to get control of mainstream American music (although I know tons of fans, even pre-dating their appearance on the Twilight soundtrack). So he probably didn't choose it because it isn't as widely known.

Adam finally decided to perform a Muse song, Starlight, on Good Morning America today, where winners Kris Allen and David Cook also performed (see their performances here).

So here is the video of Adam performing Starlight.

Here's the thing. I don't like it. For one, Adam's voice sounds off, like he is tired or sick. Second, Bellamy and Lambert are both loud-mouthed energetic voices and this acoustic version of this song just doesn't bring any of that.

Would have loved to see him perform Supermassive Black Hole or Exo-politics in full-on rock mode. Here's hoping we'll see something like that from him eventually.

To be fair, he did kind of hijack their version of Feeling Good, my fave version of that song.

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Anonymous said...

i love muse and i LOVE adam. i think adams take wasn't bad, i just wasnt as used to it as muses version. i love both of their takes on the song.i do think that adam should have sang something other than that on the tour. one to really wow the croud. like, hysteria or something. but no doubt adam is one of the best singers this world has ever known and muse has some extremely intelligent music and matt has a great voice, almost as good as adam