Thursday, July 02, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 14 Perform

Tonight is the night, people. The night that this season is finally going to suck me in and get good. I have been waiting all season for it to happen. I am now willing it to happen. Now let's get to it!

Tonight on the panel with Nigel and Mary is the one and only Mia Michaels. This is good because her opinion is actually interesting (unlike Toni Basil last week...), but bad because that means she isn't choreographing any dances this week. Mia fesses up that Brandon has officially changed her opinion of him, but I can't help but feel like she has to say that so it looks like she is giving an unbiased opinion... Now for the dancing.

Janette & Brandon - Cha-cha by Jean-Marc & France Genereaux
I enjoyed their hip hop last week. Let's see how they pull off the sassy and sexy cha-cha. Before I get started with the dancing, let's discuss Janette's hair. Sean says it looks like Luke Skywalker from the first Star Wars movie. I forgive her because the hair looked good during the dance. And she looked great! So good I didn't even notice Brandon but I guess that means he didn't screw that up. I ignored the fact they they must really have to work on chemistry. Just guessing it doesn't come easy for them. Just sayin'. I thought this was great! Smokin' hot, I say...

Kayla & Kupono - Contemporary with Sonya Tayeh
This is their second week dancing together. Their waltz got them through last week but I don't know if Kapono is strong enough to stay around for long. Fingers crossed it works. If anyone can pull off a "vampire" theme (the most popular thing around right now), Sonya can do it. And she used a song from the Twilight soundtrack. A certain group of tweens will be voting no matter how good the dancing is. But I won't worry too much because I actually enjoyed the dance. The choreo was really interesting, with jerky ballet-looking moves and a bunch of freaking-out-turned-dance-moves. I think Kapono proved me wrong about being strong enough to stay. Good for him.

Randi & Evan - Broadway by Joey Dowling
I liked this routine because it felt different from most Broadway routines we see on the show. It was quirky and fun. Not my fave of the night but I thought they did a pretty good job. The judges were disappointed with Evan, again. This has happened before, but I think they are not in danger of going home.

Jason & Caitlin - Pop Jazz by Brian Friedman
Let's see if B-Free's choreography will be better this week. And his dance is about an alien procreating with an earthling. Yikes. But OK. This dance had a role reersal where the woman really leads the dance. I was distracted by Kaitlin's costume but really enjoyed Jason during the performance. Not sure how I am feeling about this. I don't think the judges like the choreo as much as they have to say they like it. I think that was the problem more than the actual performers.

Jeanine & Phillip - Hip Hop by Napoleon & Tabitha
N&T decided to attach the dancers with a chain. It is supposed to be a metaphor for their partnership on the show. Just looks hard! Phillip gets to use his popping skills for this dance but I feel like his abilities might just make Jeanine look like she can't do it as hard. I spent the whole dance worrying they were going to fall. So I guess the chain could be a distraction, but I really like what it adds to the dance. I enjoyed it. It was fun and different.

Melissa & Ade - Classical Pas de Deux by Thordal Christensen
This is a Romeo & Juliet dance. I SO loved last year's pas de deux with Katee & Will. I was excited to see Melissa do something that is more in her true style. I had high expectations for her. And she looked beautiful and flowy, but I was impressed with Ade. Maybe not technically amazing, but I thought he was really present and dedicated. I enjoyed it (but it wasn't as good as last year...). Here is the video of Will & Katee. Spigunk!!

Carla & Vitolio - Quick Step by Jean-Marc & France Genereaux
Kiss of death! Too bad for Carla and Vitolio. I am just waiting to hear what the judges. I just don't know what to say about it technically. I loved her dress change. And the dance looked fine to me. But what do I know? The judges liked it and said, "What kiss of death?" But even though it was good, will it get them through on Thursday night?

OK, so my guess for bottom 3:
Randi & Evan
Jason & Caitlin
Carla & Vitolio

Going home: Caitlin and Vitolio? No idea. Just a guess!

And just a follow up on what I said earlier. Tonight's show was really good. I am sucked in a little bit more but not sure it is enough. We'll see as we progress some more this season.


Emily said...

Thanks for posting Katee and Will's pas de deux from last season. It was SO good! I think that Melissa and Ade's was nearly as good, but just had a more classical feel than Katee and Will's, which was more contemporary. When I watched Katee and Will's performance last season, I remember thinking that it was a beautiful display of the human body.

Were you as surprised as I was last night that Kayla and Kupono were in the bottom three? I guess Sonya's strangeness doesn't earn her the same level of popularity as Mia. Wonder why? One thing's for sure: I am NOT a Brian Friedman fan.

Linz McC said...

Well, I was wrong on the bottom 3 couples: Carla & Vitolio (I do feel bad for them, though, Kayla & Kupono, & Jeanine Phillip (I was surprised it was them and not the Alien routine). Going home: Carla & Vitolio. Not a huge surprise.

Emily, I think Brian Friedman spent his few years away from SYTYCD coming up with creepy, weird, nonsensical choreography. I swear his dances used to be better... :(

I really love Sonya and was disappointed those two were in the bottom 3, but at this point, everyone is pretty good and it is a popularity contest.