Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Michael Emerson (LOST) on Jimmy Kimmel Live

"You have no idea what's coming."

I haven't said it lately, but I think Michael Emerson's portrayal of Ben Linus on Lost is PURE brilliance. And while I am loving some of the other actors right now (namely Terry O'Quinn and Josh Holloway), I thienk Emerson is the best actor on the show. I screamed out loud when he FINALLY won the Emmy award for Lost. It was so SO deserved. I would really like to catch him on stage to see him live.

Michael Emerson appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last night and reminded us that he IS not actually an evil mastermind in real life, but just plays one on TV.

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Esther said...

Yeah, I definitely agree about Michael Emerson. It's easy to overplay the villain but he does a great job.