Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lost 1x05 - 'The Lighthouse'

I was just telling Emily yesterday why I haven't posted again about this season of Lost.  This is such a smart show.  So smart that, at times, it's over my head.  And I am OK with that but me babbling on about something that makes no sense to me wouldn't make much sense.  But I do have a few things to say about The Lighthouse and then I will direct you elsewhere to other people who "get" this better than I do.

1) Hurley. I love him in this episode. OK, I love him in general, but this episode reminds me of the change in Hurley.  He fully accepts that dead people talk to him and realizes he isn't crazy.  He tells other people straight up that he is talking dead Jacob, knowing that with the wackiness that happens on the island, it isn't as weird as he originally thought. Plus, he's just funny. That was a great scene where he told Dogen that he is a candidate and he can do what he wants.

2) Jack. He's a dad. And he kinda sucks just like his own dad does.  But, in my opinion, not nearly to the same extent.  He's an absentee father but not a total jerk that tells his son he sucks.  In fact, jack realizes in this episode that he does NOT have to be his father.  This season, Jack is reclaiming the part of my heart he held for a few seasons before we got so annoying. Matthew Fox's acting was excellent and I find his candid admission to Hurley of why he came back to be quite touching. And telling.

3) Claire.  Well, she ain't dead and she's after the people who took her baby.  And darnit if she isn't going to chop them to bits with a hatchet when she finds them. Look out Kate.  I thought for a minute she woudn't recognize Jin, but, alas, she seemed like she was bordering on crazy without being so.  Until the reveal of the "squirrel baby" in the crib.  And then we met her BFF, the man formerly known as Locke.  Uh oh. This doesn't bode well for her long term...

I won't get into the lighthouse. I need to let it sink in a little more. But, look, those numbers are assigned to the same name, and as Vozz points out, Kate IS on the wheel in the lighthouse.

What I am looking forward to/hoping for: the Jin/Sun reunion (I am currently thinking that Jin is the Kwon listed in the Cave of Names and that is why Sun didn't go back in time; just a thought), Claire somehow miraculously regaining her sanity (weirder stuff happens on this island), the proverbial s#$% to hit the fan with Sayid, and MOST importantly, discovering how Sawyer and Non-Locke got out of that cave after Sawyer broke the ladder!

Where are our Losties being guided? At least the ones that are "candidates?" I can't wait to find out.

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