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Lost: "LA X" (Parts 1 & 2)

I'll be honest. I was a little irritated at the Lost episodes last night. Not that they weren't entertaining, and it was SO great to see our Losties again on screen in some new episodes. And I have watched this show religiously for five previous seasons, so I KNOW not to expect answers. I know that.  But for some reason, maybe since it is the beginning of the final season, I was really wanting just one or two little ones.
OK, I suppose we got a couple of answers.  We know that the black smoke monster is also the man on the beach with Jacob last season, his eternal nemesis that now inhabits Locke's body.  We know that Jacob is dead, and that Ben just MIGHT have a smidgen of conscience in there somewhere.  We know if Juliet is alive or dead. 

But, ultimately, didn't they, in typical Darlton fashion, just create a bunch more questions. I think I was really hoping in this first episode that they would say "Oh yes, the bomb worked." Or "nope, you idiots, that plan didn't work." Instead we have them both on the island, post-bomb, back in the same time that Ben, Sun, Locke's body, etc. are in, AND on the plane from Sydney, landing at LAX with little trouble.

Now the question is this: are we seeing two different alternate realities at once? If so, that is kind of a cop out, at least for now. But I don't think that is what is happening.  Juliet posthumously said "It worked." And I believe her even though I don't know how it worked. My thought are these: I think that whatever happens with them on the island (where they are now hanging with who I assume to be Black Rock pirates) will lead to the reset later, which puts them BACK on the plane heading to LAX on September 22, 2004, albeit with some seemingly carried-over effects (the wound on Jack's neck comes to mind).  Now, I have always said that if they "reset" it would be tragic, because so many of them had such awful lives that have improved on the island, and because I think their relationships are so important. But I am starting to feel like fate is going to bring them together in a different way. I just don't know what way that is yet...  OK, as usual, my theories will be proven wrong, especially since they are even confusing me. But speculating is one of my favorite things about this series.

Even saying ALL that, I am so glad Lost is back on, and can't wait to see where it's going.  I love these characters, even the ones I hate, and was really happy to see Boone, Charlie and Claire alive.

Now my thoughts on specific happenings (and I am typing these as a re-watch the episode so bear with me on the randomness):
  • I'm confused how the island is underwater.  If, in 2007, it is still afloat, then how it is underwater in 2004?
  • Desmond is on the plane. Which is fine because he never would have sailed to and gotten stuck on the island if it had been blown up in the 70s. 
  • Darn them for letting Juliet be alive in this episode! I had said my sad goodbyes, and then had to do it all over again.  And poor Sawyer! Can you blame him for kicking the crud out of Jack and then saying he would kill him? 
  • And while I am feeling sorry for people, let's talk Jack.  He finally trusted in something COMPLETELY insane instead of science and it failed him, or so it seems. "I thought it would work," laced with emotion. Tough to watch.
  • Hurley is completely open to his "talking with dead people" thing and knows to trust it.  He does exactly what Jacob tells him to do. 
  • Was anyone else waiting for Locke to stand up, gather his bags, and exit the plane? I suppose that was the point.  And he is a big liar...
  • I am still irritated with the "shadow of the statue" Ajira passengers, and it was quite satisfying when Ilana asked about Jacob, and he said, "I'm sorry, who are you?"
  • The person, or entity, wearing the Locke body isn't actually inhabiting Locke's body, but more just taking on his form.  Which leads me to believe that the resuscitation of Sayid is something different.  We still see Locke's dead body on the beach, but Sayid's dead body comes back to life. Maybe I am just hopeful because I don't want him to die. 
  • Josh Holloway broke my heart crying over Juliet. His character has evolved so much since Season 1 and I can easily say I have moved from a Jack girl to a Sawyer girl.  I like to think that he loves Juliet WAY more than he ever loved Kate. 
  • So was it Charlie's destiny to die, even before the plane crash?
  • I was so disappointed to see Jin acting like his old self, staring at the stupid watch and telling Sun to button her shirt up.  I love new and improved and English-speaking and somehow more handsome Jin...
  • Hasn't that US Marshall learned he can not trust Kate?  Guess he fell for her feminine wiles. 
  • The rusty brown water doesn't heal the hand of the Captain (yeah, I am calling him the Captain, as in Black Rock, since I don't know what else to call him) when he cuts it, yet they put Sayid in the water anyway. And proceed to DROWN him.  Huh?  Poor Sayid. Had to die to live? Maybe. And will he be a "new" man? Remains to be seen.
  • Is Sun lying about not speaking English? Or did she not learn in this different dimension.
  • Why did Kate stop Jack from trying to resuscitate Sayid? He was just drowned and has been laying there for like ONE minute. Why not try to save him?
  • Kate pulls a gun on a cabbie, and who's in the hijacked seat next to her? Claire! But we don't get to see if she is pregnant. We know Claire got on that plane because it was supposed to crash the first time around. So why this time?
  • When Fake Locke was telling Ben about John Locke's final dying thoughts, I just felt sorry for him. Locke that is.  Does Ben even care? Probably not. He is just mad he got used.
  • And then Fake Locke goes and beats the pooh out of Richard, which I don't have a problem with...
Aw, shoot. I am sure there are so many little things that I missed.  So I am going to wrap this up and wait on pins & needles until next Tuesday night...
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