Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Book review: Dexter by Design by Jeff Lindsay

When I was in London last spring, I picked up Dexter by Design by Jeff Lindsay. The book releases in the US next month, so I felt all kinds of special for reading it before the rest of the country.

Dexter by Design is the fourth book in the Dexter series by Lindsay. It picks up during Dexter & Rita's honeymoon in Paris. I'll be honest. I didn't love Dexter inthe Dark (the third book in the series). But thank goodness, the Dark Passenger has broken his silence and Dex is anxious to make another kill. The opportunity presents itself quickly after his sister Deb is stabbed by a suspect. So Dexter takes hasty action and deals with the problem. Only to discover he killed the wrong guy. An innocent guy.

The story then follows Dexter as he works to deal with a certain amount of guilt (although, believing he is incapable of guilt, he can't quite admit that), as well as finding the real killer, hoping that Deb wakes from her stab-induced coma, being found out, and being a newlywed. He has lots of balls in the air.

On top of all that, if you ever hoped to envision Dexter as a green leisure suit-wearing missionary, you will get your wish.

I really enjoyed this installment in the series and I think, after Darkly Dreaming Dexter (book 1) this is my favorite. Emily and I have discussed certain plot holes that we have decided to ignore as the book itself is quite enjoyable. If you have read the previous books, check this one out, too!

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